The world has changed folks. And so must we.

After 8 wonderful years in business, we now face our greatest challenge as Covid-19 devastates the normality that we all once enjoyed. We started at the height of the last recession on a wing and a prayer. But we survived and we thrived due to one simple element: LOVE.

The love of our customers and the love of our team. This love helped us to grow as a business that supported 72 staff, that tried to be ethical and caring – for our team, our community and our environment. We are so grateful and proud. And now, we must start once again at a new beginning.

We are doing our best to feel our way forward. It is difficult –the most challenging time we’ve ever experienced as a business. Our only priority now is to survive as a business in a safe manner – and In doing so, we protect jobs for our team, we support our suppliers, we support our economy and we support everyone in our community.

The only way we can do this is through Love. Earning once more the love, loyalty and support of our wonderful customers and to try and serve you with the best food and drinks in the best way that we can and in the safest way possible.

We remain, as always, so incredibly grateful every time someone comes to our door and chooses Brother Hubbard. Thank you for stopping by – in person or virtually. We face this new future – and its unique set of the most immense challenges – together. If you’ve any thoughts or suggestions on what we can do as a business – to survive, to evolve and adapt, to do better and/or to support our community, we would love to hear from you: From the bottom of our hearts: thank you.

Garrett & James